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Advantages for you

ReillyGreen knows the importance of improving the sustainability of each business.  We work with you to create measurable results that help your business, the environment, and the community thrive. 

We will support you to: “Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (WECD, 1987) 


  • Alignment of goals, values, and processes
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      • Research indicates that great effectiveness and outcomes can be achieved when values are aligned with corporate mission, and purpose.  The converse is also true:  if alignment is not consistent, “… at a minimum, leaders will be required to work harder and longer to achieve their aspired goals.”  Reilly Green will help you implement a sustainability practice that aligns with your company goals.
      • //www.halpincompany.com/pdf/Corporate%20Alignment%202%20Approaches.pdf

  • Employee Engagement:
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          • In a 2008 study, Towers Perrin found that the number three driver in employee engagement was the organization’s reputation for social responsibility.    Employees see themselves as being more interested in sustainability than their employers according to a recent survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickenson University.  Statistically, a significant percentage of employees, especially younger employs, are invested in sustainability. 


  • Cost Savings:
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        Reilly Green takes a holistic approach that can realize cost savings and, in some cases, revenues through sustainability.   Ways in which sustainability can pay off for you:

            • Savings on energy and water

            • Possible income stream from waste

            • realigning current processes to become more efficient

            • More productive employees


  • Leadership Development
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      • Leadership Developmenttransforming your organization to become more sustainable can be a great opportunity to enhance, support, and develop leadership.  Sustainability projects often span the reach of the company and can involve all departments.  Reilly Green and Associates can help you develop your leadership for this and all company needs

  • Proactive Stance
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      • The area of sustainability is relatively new and will be shaped by those early in the arena.  Be in a leadership position by becoming “Green” proactively.  By doing so, you will be in the position of being able to prioritize and act on the issues you select.


  • Leadership in the Community
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    Sustainable businesses enjoy the rewards of their planning and thinking by:

        • Great reputations

        • They get better press than their counterparts


  • Avoid Possible Problems
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      “Seemingly passive reactions to existing pressures may tarnish the corporate image and give the impression of lack of environmental leadership (Boiral, Cayer, and Baron, 2008)”

        • Upcoming legislation

        • International legislation

        • Community Activism


  • Increased Funding Opportunities
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    • Increased Funding Opportunities
      (button) – finance organizations are regarding all three parts of the triple bottom line.  To quote Citibank, we view sustainability from both a risk and an opportunity perspective.  //www.citi.com/citi/environment/